Large-scale development of the high-speed transport industry
and its infrastructure in Moscow and the whole country ensures
high interest in "Subway, bridges, tunnels. TPU 2017" Exhibition
from the professional community.


The exhibition is attended by industry leaders

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The Union of Architects of Russia together with the Union of Moscow architects with the support of the Ministry of Transport of Russia and the Government of Moscow will hold the second international exhibition "Subway, bridges, tunnels. TPU. 2017" on June 6-8, 2017 in the Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre". The first exhibition of "Subway, bridges, tunnels" was held in 2015. A section dedicated to the organization of transport interchange hubs (TPU) is added to the subjects of the exhibition 2017.


Bringing together leading companies working in the field of public transport on the one platform, this exhibition will demonstrate the latest technologies, design, materials and equipment in the construction and design of transport infrastructure, as well as allowing the sharing of experience between domestic and foreign experts. Themes focusing on construction and maintenance of bridges will also be presented in the exhibition.


The exhibition 2017 is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Moscow Metrostroy. As the main event of the anniversary celebrations, it will demonstrate important achievements in this field identify its prospects and become the discussion platform of transport industry's main problems.


The business program of the exhibition 2017 will be formed according to the recommendations of profile Ministries, institutions and professional societies. It is an effective international platform for the discussion of future trends and directions of the transport industry's development, with the participation of Government representatives, construction, design and engineering organizations, leading manufacturers, experts and industry analysts.


Large-scale development of the transport industry and its infrastructure in Moscow and the whole country ensures high interest in exhibition from the professional community.


The Moscow Government is working hard on the development of transport infrastructure and, in particular, the subway and TPU. Moscow plans to create 169 transport interchange hubs, 160 km of transmission lines and 78 new stations. Today there are about 120 km of subway lines under construction and large numbers of new stations are opening.


The amount of funding of Moscow’s investment program until 2018 will exceed 1.5 trillion rubles. About 600 billion rubles of this amount will be allocated for the development of the subway and 330 billion rubles for the construction of road infrastructure.

June 6-8 

Expocentr, Pavilion 3



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