3rd International Exhibition


Bringing together leading companies working in the field of public transport

on the one platform, this exhibition will demonstrate the latest technologies, design, materials and equipment in the construction and design of transport infrastructure,

as well as allowing the sharing of experience between domestic and foreign experts.


May 2020

With the support of the Moscow Goverment,

Russian Academy of architecture and construction sciences,

Scientific center «Construction»

The Union of Architects of Russia together with the Union of Moscow architects with the support of the Ministry of Transport of Russia and the Government of Moscow will hold the second international exhibition "Subway, bridges, tunnels. TPU. 2017".
Large-scale development of the high-speed transport industry and its infrastructure in Moscow and the whole country ensures high interest in this event from the professional community.

Exhibition "Subway, bridges, tunnels, TPU. 2017" is effective way of achievement your business goals.


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